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Aesthetics & Tattoo Removal

Beautoxology Aesthetics - Anti-wrinkle injections (using BOTOX®)

Reduces the muscle movement that cause the furrowed, angry and aged look that occurs as our natural collagen stores start to decrease.

  • 1 area £160
  • 2 areas £260
  • 3 areas £295
  • Additional areas £50
  • Hyperhidrosis (for excessive sweating) £400

Beautoxology Aesthetics - Lip Augmentation

Contouring of the outer lip line to provide more shape and definition to provide more pout and fullness.

  • Kiss £250
  • Lip enhancement from £150

Beautoxology Aesthetics - Derma Fillers

A hyaluronic gel based filler which can achieve results without resorting to surgery. Smooths away fine lines, restores volume loss and lifts deeper creases.

  • Fine lines 1 syringe £180 / 2 syringe £340
  • Medium lines 1 syringe £295 / 2 syringe £475
  • Deep lines 1 syringe £295 / 2 syringe £550
  • Cheek Augmentation from £375
  • The 8- Point Lift (with Juvéderm®) Price on application

Beautoxology Aesthetics - Skin Peel (using The Perfect Peel™)

  • Skin Peel (using The Perfect Peel™) £300 Transform your skin making it younger looking, healthier and clearer - in just one week.
  • Skin Peel (using The Perfect Peel™) £250 Improves wrinkles & skin texture, dramatically reduces scars, allows pigment spots to become more even or completely disappear.

Ellipse IPL Skin Rejuvenation

Ellipse is one of the industry's most effective & award winning IPL systems using Selective Waveband Technology (SWT). The system can safely & effectively treat a wide range of skin conditions including vascular lesions, epidermal pigmented lesions, acne & rosacea. Our Ellipse facial area treatments are carried out using Elemis prescribed professional products & techniques. Typically, a course of 3 treatments is necessary.

  • Initial consultation & patch test Free
  • Sun damage, sun spots, hyperpigmentation Full face £175 / Hands £125
  • Rosacea, high colour, diffused redness Full face £175
  • Active acne Full face £175
  • Extra area add on (neck or décolleté) £50
  • Facial thread veins, Cherry Angiomas, Spider Nevis from £75
  • Birthmark treatment from £75


The innovative Cryopen allows you to work with millimetre precision. It is brilliant device for removing skin imperfections quickly and effectively with no more collateral damage to healthy tissue. It is an ideal treatment for Skin Tags, Warts, Solar Lentigo, Cherry Angioma, Age Spots, Viral Verrucae and Milia

  • Cryopen 25 second treatment £40

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